Terms & Conditions

RD Technologe Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are intended to be fair to all parties concerned and to aid in the supply of services. This agreement represents the complete agreement and understanding between RD Technologe and the account holder/client.

Guarantee Web Site Design:

Due to the high standard of our web design work we have the confidence to guarantee all our web design work 100%. Once we have completed the design, you will have the opportunity to view the site for approval. If at this time you are not completely satisfied with the appearance and functionality of your web design. If the design we provide does not meet or exceed your expectations, RD Technologe will continue to work on your site at no additional charge until it does. We can't be any fairer than that. We take pride in all our satisfied customers and look forward to giving you the same level of service excellence. We Guarantee it 100%! 

Pricing information ::

All orders must be paid in full before the start of your project. We use 2checkout.com for our card transaction.

Time Frame of completion ::

RD Technologe and the client must work together in a timely manner, to avoid missed deadlines. The client must supply RD Technologe with any specific text, graphics, or other specific items for inclusion in a timely manner, unless agreed otherwise. 

Website Content ::

Text may be submitted on disk or emailed to RD Technologe in standard PC word processing format, or typewritten, printed brochures and other printed materials. If text is in paper format, RD Technologe will only do basic text formatting, such as font color, size, style, bullets, indents, etc. No tables / charts will be made for formatting. 

Photos and graphics may be submitted to RD Technologe on CD in any of the standard graphic formats or emailed directly. Paper format should be the highest quality artwork or photos available for RD Technologe to scan.

Hosting & Domain Name:

Web site hosting & domain name will be for a period of one calendar year from time of purchase. RD Technologe will register clients name & address as the administrative contact/owner of domain. After completion of first year it is the clients responsibility to renew their contract. Warning of account expiry will be sent via email to client from RD Technologe. Hosting & domain name cannot be redeemed for cash or other services/products. .


Except where otherwise noted, the material on this website is Copyright ©rdtechnologe.com. Material which is not an original work of RD Technologe has had its copyright licensed from the owner . Except for temporary electronic storage for the purpose of immediate viewing, no part of this website may be stored or transmitted, electronically, mechanically, or otherwise, without the prior express consent of RD Technologe. 

Any materials provided by clients to us, is all the in responsibilities of clients itself, we dont hold any copyright of those materials.

Asp and Php Scripts

RD Technologe holds all the rights of those scripts sold by RD Technologe, removing links at the footer of the scripts must be permitted by RD Technologe. Any part of code or any concept of code cant be copied or modified without our permission. Resell of code is phohibited

Data Backups

RD Technologe performs normal back of hosting data and database, we are no bounds of any damage to the data as hosting data or email or images or anything. If you need database backup, website or script backup then you have to mention us so that we can take backup for you.

Website Hosting ::

RD Technologe provides web hosting for linux . If any site or any process stored in clients account is taking more than 40% cpu and 20% memory time, we can terminate account any time.

Website Modification / updates 

RD Technologe will work till custom get satisfied. Once the first draft will be ready, we will give link to the client so that we can get review. After website design is completed, then we will give one month free updates. But if customer wants updates, then after we will quote as per the requirement. Modification less than 2 hours are free for each month.